Mini Introduces the Clubvan

Christopher Little

Mini has announced that it will sell a cargo-focused version of its Clubman, aptly named the Clubvan.

The rear seats of the Clubman are gone, having been replaced with a flat floor, ideal for transporting small cargo.  In addition, the rear side glass has also been replaced with panels perfect for logo placement. A closed-off cargo area and split rear doors hearken back to its ancestor, the Morris Mini Van.

The Clubvan comes with Mini’s 1.6 liter four cylinder engine making 121 hp.  This will propel it, sans cargo, from 0-62 mph in 9.8 seconds.  When loaded to its maximum payload of 816 lbs, that number is certain to grow.  The 30.3 cubic feet of cargo space also includes multiple tie-down latches to prevent the load from shifting during such acceleration.

Mini will offer the Clubvan in only four colors.  However, the list of wheel options, seat coverings, and interior trims will be much longer.  The Clubvan also retains Mini’s host of options, from adaptive xenon headlights to a 6.5″ LCD navigation system.  No pricing has been set, but expect it in the neighborhood of the Mini Cooper Clubman’s $21,900 base price.

Despite needing at least 4 Mini Clubvan to match the cargo area of a single Ford Transit Connect, the Clubvan aims to be the hip and trendy alternative to the ever-popular Ford.  We have to admit, it sure looks a lot trendier.  Whether or not “trendy” will have any room in corporate budgets has yet to be seen.  Designed for the niche delivery market of small high-valued items, it might be just the thing your local flower shop, interior designer, or traveling dog groomer has been looking for.  Expect it to hit dealers in late autumn.

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