Limited Slip

A New Look

Limited Slip Blog is gearing up to celebrate its first full year of existence.  So how can we celebrate this occasion?  First off, how about a brand new look!  We’ve outgrown our original layout and have moved on to something a bit more professional looking.  It’s a work-in-progress as none of us have any experience with web design, but we wanted to roll it out as soon as possible.  If you see anything out-of-place, drop us a note on our contact page.  How else can we celebrate?  It might be a little early to pop the hood on those ideas, but rest assured that our calendar is filling up with reviews, auto shows, and other events to continue bringing you new content.

Limited Slip Blog

A little over a year ago, when this site was just an idea, we weren’t sure what would become of it.  All we knew is that there was passion and opportunity.  After all, we’re just car guys just like all of you.  Thanks to you, however, we’ve taken our passion and brought it to an audience.  We’re learning as we go, but we’re thankful that you’ve stuck with us.  After all, without readers we’d have no traction…and that’s no way to drive.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest information!

-Christopher Little

-Scott Villeneuve

-Scott West

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