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Welcome to Limited Slip! What Drives Your Passion?

Welcome to Limited Slip – The blog dedicated to automotive passion written by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts.  Let’s introduce ourselves:

Christopher Little

My motoring enthusiasm started early.  My father used to take me to the beach in his 1986 Nissan 300Z.  With the t-top open the combination of sun, salty air, and winding coastal roads is forever ingrained into my mind.  I learned to drive in a 1997 Ford Expedition, so I’m comfortable driving just about anything smaller than a school bus.  My daily driver, and my first car ever, is a Jet Black 2003 BMW 325xi.  Its the car I learned to drive stick in, igniting my purist attitude in transmission preference.  In fact, I despise a lot of the new technology in cars.  I firmly believe that things like automatic transmission, start/stop, lane departure warning, blind spot detection, active cruise control, and cupholders detract from the true purpose of the car; driving.  And yes, cupholders.  I actually removed them from my car and replaced them with a storage tray for my phone.  See? I don’t hate all technology, just the ones that detract from driving.  This is the point where I tell you not to drive.  It’s dangerous, but it also distracts you from enjoying the drive.

In addition to my daily driver, I have a 2010 BMW M3 sedan for when the weather is fair.  The car is amazing for a myriad of reasons, but largely because it can go from a docile cruiser to a full on race car with the push of a button.  As you’d expect, it’s also Jet Black and a manual.  Starting to see a pattern?  Here’s why: As far as car preferences go, I prefer my sports cars from Munich and my exotics from Maranello.  Of course, I’ll accept cars that aren’t black (or Ferrari red), don’t have 4 doors, and that don’t have a manual transmission, but the list of acceptable alternatives is thin. (3 doors are out, looking at you, Hyundai Veloster)

Trying not to be overly biased towards the Bavarians, I’ll be the one here waving the German flag.  Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, and Volkswagen, to the extent that I can get my hands on (or near) them. So get in and buckle up, the Nurburgring is a great place for Limited Slip.

Scott Villeneuve

In all honesty the first memory I have is one of sitting in my father’s 1968 Corvette.  It was pale yellow with black interior, a black removable vinyl roof, and a 4 speed manual.  To this day he regrets selling that car, and to this day I still miss sitting in that passenger seat.  Over the years however I have become more than just a Corvette lover, though they will always hold a special place in my heart.

Currently I drive a 2009 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Limited, black on black and I really dislike this color combination and I am constantly talking about how I never want another black vehicle (this doesn’t always sit well with Chris).  Over the last few years I’ve developed a borderline obsession with Lamborghini, to the point where just seeing one on the rare occasions makes my day infinitely better.  Where Chris and I differ is on the automotive technology aspect.  I absolutely love double-clutch transmissions, electronic stability settings, and everything in the current techno-wiz Nissan GT-R.  Similarly though, I am an avid fan of the Reichstag and their ability to make the best cars in the world, consistently.  On that note my fair-weather car is a 2011 BMW 335i, and I absolutely love it to death to the point where I will defend it until I die, but would I want another one?  Over an Audi S4?  Probably not.

All-in-all, I like to stick to the tag line “I love to drive, I hate being driven” and hopefully through our opinions, writing, and whatever else we come up with, you will be able to hold on through the corners.

Scott West

I could drift before I could walk… Although my parents have pictures to prove it, I have no recollection of running around the house sideways – but I remember laying skid-marks all over the basement floor, proving that I had a serious driving addiction before I could actually “drive”. As I got bigger, the rubber I laid with my antique fire truck pedal-car got longer.  Fast forward about seven years, and I remember my Dad’s ‘89 Ford Ranger, and that he’d let me shift his five-speed for him.  I’d listen for the revs, he’d clutch in and call out a gear.  That truck had no radio, no air conditioning, no carpet, and instead of bucket seats, Ford gave it a vinyl bench without headrests.  By the time I was ready to learn how to drive, the Ranger was in decay, having a engine that was locked up as the result of a spent oil pump.  It became a vehicle we had neither money nor desire to repair, and thus it was relegated to became a dusty relic of Americana, like so many Rangers that had come before it.

Having grown up in a family that only drove Fords and Buicks, the first car I ever purchased was in fact a 2001 Ford Focus LX sedan in a color Dearborn called Jackpot Gold.  It was the summer of 2003, and I had just seen The Fast And The Furious, so needless to say that my first car had to come equipped with a manual transmission, and have aftermarket support.  I remember the day I bought it, Super Street in hand.  I couldn’t even drive the damn thing, but I loved two things about it: 1), it was a manual, and 2), Wings West made a body kit for the ZX3, the later of which fruitlessly led me towards “modifications” of all kinds.  My first style mod was taking the gray plastic wheel covers off, followed by my first and second mechanical mods, an HKS intake and a custom, carbon fiber exhaust.  First handling mod were Tein S-Tech lowering springs, which made the car look much better, except I noticed that my shocks were working overtime.  Because I didn’t have the means to acquire any go-fast parts, I became obsessed with saving weight instead, and this resulted in the whole vehicle being stripped down to bare metal aft of the front seats.

Needless to say, I was a “ricer” at heart, and soon enough I’d get the car of my dreams, which was, at that time, a 2003 Honda Civic Si in Taffeta White.  I left this car completely stock because, unlike the Crackpot Gold F—us that came before it, this car was perfect.  Two years, 50,000 miles, and a college degree later, I made my first actual sports car purchase – a 2005 Infiniti G35 Coupe with the Sport Package (included RAYS 19” rims, factory aero kit, and better suspension).  I was back to drifting, but with a long commute, unpredictable St. Louis winters, and high gas prices, I couldn’t justify hanging on to the G.  This led towards my reluctant purchase of my first new car, a 2009 Honda Fit Sport A/T.  This is the first, and will be the last vehicle I buy with an automatic transmission.

For the most part, it’s clear that you can expect me to cover what matters most to you out of the Far East.  There’s a lot of activity going down on Honshu these days, and with everyone’s attention on the designer crank coming out of Ulsan, South Korea these days, Tokyo’s finest are preparing to go head-to-head with the chaebol we know and love as Hyundai (and KIA).  So slide into your Bride, strap yourself down tight in your Takadas, because it’s about to get real.

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