Nissan Juke-R Production Confirmed

-Scott Villeneuve

Nissan has confirmed the Juke R for an extremely limited production run.

Instead of the test mules 2010 spec GT-R engine, the production car will get the engine from the 2013 car, the 545hp monster.  However, don’t expect to see many of these super-SUVs driving around.  There have been 3 firm offers from some very elite Dubai residents that said they needed to have one.  So, Nissan couldn’t turn these offers down of course after the cars excellent debut in Dubai.

Nissan now is seeming to value customer input more than ever, and have created the Juke-R for the very wealthy to enjoy at a track day if they want to be that bold.  Some of them will just go into a collection I’m sure, and sit there being one of the weird centerpieces.  All we know now is that the price is an absolutely staggering $200,000. Now to reiterate, don’t plan on seeing too many.

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