Renault Alpine A 110-50 Concept Revealed

-Scott Villeneuve

Well there you have it, the new Renault Alpine A 110-50 concept has been revealed today in Monaco.  Again, the best place to find the most information is right here on

What we know:

The Alpine has a mid-engined 400hp V6 engine.  It sounds like a racecar, which is good because its based off the Renault Megane Trophy RS 265.  The Megane, however is a street legal car in Europe, so it does have noise restrictors.   The A 110-50 did not have noise restrictors fitted, so I imagine it sounded fantastic amongst the Grand Prix circuit in Monaco.  Also, it has a 6-speed sequential gearbox, which is the manliest of of manly ways to change gear.

The bad news:

The Alpine A 110-50 isn’t exactly 100% confirmed as of yet.  Renault is looking for customer feedback, and there are a few things that you won’t see on the road car when it comes out.  Yes, I’m saying that it will come out.  However, the biggest problem is that we live in America.  Last time I checked, Renault is not an established firm in the U.S. market, so we won’t get it.  Sadly, I don’t see it happening, but if you want to move to Europe and buy one, more power to you.

Want more pictures?  Here’s a link to the TopGear gallery of the Renault.

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