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The Top 20 Instagram pictures from the 2012 Gumball 3000

-Scott Villeneuve

Well, there you have it.  The Gumball 3000 is over, and the pictures have been rolling in. These gems come from SportsCarHunter who has a habit of finding the best of the best pictures out there.  He gave me the alright to share the top 20 with you, and to see the full list of 50, you can go here and read all about it.

Photo Rank #20

Why it’s good: A pre-rally close-up of the CTS-V wagon, plus the rain, equals a great photo.

Photo Rank #19

Why it’s good: Team Oranje’s SV, pre-Gumball 3000 livery, soaked head to toe. Collecting its thoughts before facing the competition.

Photo Rank #18

Why it’s good: The Caddy takes center stage in the Motor City. Stunning.

Photo Rank #17

Why it’s good:The faces on the Maserati GranTurismo and Ferrari FF are elegantly captured here. True Italian art. In front of a McDonald’s. Gumball.

Photo Rank #16

Why it’s good: The ’57 Bel Air had its share of issues on the rally. Maybe the hood being up half the trip was meant on purpose to fully embody the #doitnaked theme?

Photo Rank #15

Why it’s good: A Ferrari 458 Italia is stunning from any angle. Throw in a dreary New York City spring day and you’ve got a photo dripping with appeal.

Photo Rank #14

Why it’s good: Imagine taking a quick drive to the store only to be overtaken by a Lamborghini Murciélago LP670-4 SV. Now that’s a moment worth sharing.

Photo Rank #13

Why it’s good:
Two Rolls, a Bentley, and an Aston. It’s a beautiful UK invasion.

Photo Rank #12

Why it’s good: The Morgan Three Wheeler was an absolute hit on the rally, but seeing it out in the elements, with the leather tarp soaking up the raindrops… This photo takes you right to NYC and makes you ponder how a 3,000 mile journey would feel like behind the wheel of this rally car.

Photo Rank #11

Why it’s good:
The taillights of the Nissan GT-R hint at the ninja fueled fury under the hood. You don’t want to mess with this. Back away from the vehicle. Slowly.

Photo Rank #10

Why it’s good: Seriously, why didn’t you walk away when we told you to? Dumb, dumb, dumb. Now you will die at the hands of fire and Godzilla venom. Goodbye.

Photo Rank #9

Why it’s good:
Here we have a pinnacle of Italian performance, the 458 Italia, escaping the final rays of sunlight, lost in the US southwest desert. It’s magnificent.

Photo Rank #8

Why it’s good: I could go on and discuss the creativity behind the Lambo’s wrap, but I won’t. Instead…I’ll just…stutter…and…..DAMNNNNNNNNNN.

Photo Rank #7

Why it’s good: Fans camping overpasses is a common Gumball sight. Being so excited that you flash the Lambo speeding by? That’s Gumball fever baby.

Photo Rank #6

Why it’s good: There are PLENTY of good Bugatti Veyron photos out there. This one is different – literally sucks you in and assaults your senses 1001 times over.

Photo Rank #5

Why it’s good: If you haven’t seen the Top Gear episode where Richard Hammond drives the Morgan Three Wheeler on the Simply Sausages track, I’m about to ruin it for you, he’s giggling just like Morgan himself. There’s a reason why this team won the 2012 Spirit of the Gumball Trophy.

Photo Rank #4

Why it’s good: The Shelby Cobra is undeniably a sexy car. Many great photo’s of Maximillion’s ride were taken. This one in particular succeeds by doing justice to the car, the maker, the driver, and the rally. Very, very well done.

Photo Rank #3

Why it’s good: The 2012 Gumball started off as a sloppy affair. It was wet. Very wet. Taking pictures at speed in these conditions are absurdly difficult. While this Ferrari may not win every style award, this specific photo screams, “I AM AN FF AND I LAUGH IN THE FACE OF THUNDER! HA HA HA!”

Photo Rank #2

Why it’s good: Team Salamone’s Lamborghini Aventador captured plenty of camera flashes throughout the rally. This moment, the night before the start, is the best of them all.

Photo Rank #1

Why it’s good: A New York City cop shepherds the Gumballers to the starting grid. A 3000 mile cat and mouse chase is about to begin.

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