Car Shows

25th Anniversary St. Louis European Auto Show

By: Scott West

Not all car shows are created equal.  There’s your Concours d’Elegance-style shows and local meetups at Sonic.  In between, you’ll find shows like the St. Louis European Auto Show (or just Euro Show, as referred to by locals).  While the Euro Show features nearly 200 European cars, such as countless Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsches, Alfa Romeos, Fiats, Land Rovers, Audis, Mercedes Benz, De Tomaso, Lotus, VWs, and even a few BMWs, the real star of the show is the charity beneficiary.  All proceeds raised from show participants goes to Shriner’s Children’s Hospitals.  Over $180,000 was raised as of this year.  That’s incredible, especially given the fact that there’s no attendance fee, and the show is held in a shopping mall parking lot (to which, locals will also argue that Plaza Fontenac is not a lowly shopping mall, because malls don’t have leather sofas and and hardwood floors… so, shall we call it a premier fashion centre?) versus being held at a country club or a scenic park.

Also noteworthy were the numerous vendors and sponsors of the show.  The principal sponsor this year was Bommarito Audi of West County, which displayed a new Audi Allroad Quattro, a stunning A6, an R8 V10, and a Q7 – all of which were playing Truth In 24 II on their DVD players.  Other vendors included JML Audio, Flemmings Steakhouse, Brio Tuscan Grill, and many others.  Click through the gallery below to see St. Louis’ finest automobile treasures.

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