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An Apology


It has come to our attention that one of our contributors, Mr. Davis, is guilty of blatant plagiarism.  Our attention was called to this issue by the Hooniverse.  When Scott V., Scott W., and I founded this blog, we set out to bring an enthusiast’s perspective to automotive news, new car releases, and car reviews.  Unfortunately, Mr. Davis saw our vision as an excuse to copy-paste articles from other sources and attribute them to his name.  Shame on us for not verifiying his originality.  We deeply apologize to all of you and the authors who have had their work stolen.  We have taken down all of Mr. Davis’ work and removed him from the Limited Slip Blog team.  Also as a point of clarification, we operate our blog with no ads and no means of income.  Therefore, Limited Slip Blog did not profit from any of Mr. Davis’ wrongdoings.  We are in the process of contacting the offended authors and apologizing.  As a team, we are deeply hurt by Mr. Davis’ betrayal.  However, as a young blog, we look forward to restoring our reputation and putting this offense behind us.


-Christopher Little

-Scott Villeneuve

-Scott West

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  1. Growing pains happen and you responded in a forthright, responsible manner, well done guys! Wish you the best for the blog, keep up the good work.

  2. Very quick on the resolution guys, nice work. I’ve not read your blog before, but it might just make it on my visit list, as you appear to be operating with a correct assessment of right and wrong; something that cannot be said for too many blogs on the internet today.

  3. Well done guy´s ! I´m a daily Hooniversian and you just made my weekly visitlist !!

  4. Popping over from the Hooniverse to say, Good on ya! Mistakes happen and how mistakes are handled is a true show of character. You’ve handled it well, and now you can put it behind you and get back to your passion.