The “Enhanced” 2013 BMW Alpina B7

-Scott Villeneuve

Today BMW has announced its new, updated Alpina B7.  Stating in the press release that it is a super-high performance luxury sedan with enhanced features, efficiency, and individuality for discriminating customers.  Not sure about you, but I wouldn’t really discriminate against the B7, its always been a little bit mental.

As for the pricing, it will be $127,600 (B7 Standard Wheelbase), $130,600 (B7 with xDrive), $131,500 (B7 Long Wheelbase), and $134,500 (B7 LWB with xDrive). BMW certainly has solidified the exclusivity of the car and focuses on exclusivity due to its limited production and order-only nature.

The new BMW ALPINA B7 has been enhanced in-line with updates to the 2013 BMW 7 Series Sedans including more power, more performance, and more efficiency. The new B7 has 40 additional horsepower bumping it to 540 hp 538lb-ft of torque thanks to the addition of BMW’s Valvetronic throttle-less intake technology and a new ALPINA 8- speed high performance transmission. Top speed is now 194 mph, up from the previous 175 mph. Acceleration drops into the low-mid-4-second range for all variants.

Each variant of the updated BMW ALPINA B7have over 30 new parts which enhance the design and frontal aerodynamics to more effectively channel the cooling air required to manage the increased power output. New BMW kidney grilles, updated Xenon Adaptive headlights, LED front fog lights, and updated tail lights are also included. Other now-standard features will include ceramic secondary controls, engine Automatic Start-Stop, and the Active protection system. Optionally, the B7 Sedan will offer Full LED Headlights, Bang & Olufsen Surround Sound System, new exterior colors and interior upholstery choices in-line with the 7 Series update. Rest assured, if you want, you can still have BMW individual colors and options.

Well there you have it, the Alpina B7 is updated and ready for battle with whoever wants to compare it to other cars.  The S63 could be the best bet since it starts at $139,300 and has the closest performance numbers.  Can this car topple the always great S Class?  Only time will tell.

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