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NYIAS 2013: Day 2

Day 2 of the 2013 New York International Auto Show has come to a close and we’ve escaped the city with most of our dignity intact.  Here’s a look at all the new cars debuted today, so catch up on all the latest.  If you missed yesterday’s new reveals, check that out too.  We’ll be posting quite a few more pictures to our Facebook page over the next few days, so that should give you an incentive to head over there as well.

Subaru WRX Concept

Subaru WRX Concept 2

Finally the WRX gets to come out and play without the Impreza name attached.  Officially debuting in New York is this WRX Concept, and we really hope that it retains at least 90% of this shell.  Many other comments that we’ve read seem to feel the same way.  It looks great already, and we really hope it stays that way.  Look for it as a 2015 model.

Scion tC

Scion TC 1

We almost forgot that Scion made other cars than the FR-S, but that is the case, and here is refreshed tC.  So what’s new about it?  How about the front fascia with integrated LED’s, and even an illuminated Scion badge (for the Ignition Silver Edition pictured here).  The engine however is the same, but there is a “new” transmission.  It is a revised six-speed automatic that can blip the throttle on downshifts.  Sounds good to us!  Look for them in a couple months, just in time for summer.

Volvo V60 R-Design

Volvo V60 R Design 2

We love it and the new Volvo S60 it was based on.  But when the new S60 came here, the V60 did not.  Now, this new V60 R Design does in fact have the green light to come to the States, and we are incredibly excited!  With the updates to the exterior on this very red V60 pictured here…we couldn’t stop staring.

Hyundai Equus

Hyundai Equus 1

You may be thinking what’s new here?  Or you may even be thinking what is that?  Well, Hyundai is hoping to change both of those notions with this new iteration of the Equus.  Starting from the outside, you have a new front bumper and grille to show off as well as rear bumper.  Good start.  We moved to the interior, and we were set aback.  Absolutely stunning materials, and top notch fitment.  However, we would rather be a passenger in the rear seats with this car.  Fully adjustable rear seats that recline at the touch of a button, and a center console with controls for the 9.2″ dual monitors behind both front seats make it the best seat in the house.  The 429 horsepower V8 returns, and as a result we’re starting to find ourselves head-over-heels with the new Equus.

Kia Cadenza

Kia Cadenza 1

We missed this one in Detroit, so we decided to cover it here.  Insert the Cadenza into the luxury class of automobile to compete alongside the Infiniti Q50 and Lexus GS in size, but at a more reasonable price.  Gorgeous interior fitments caught our eye with soft touch points everywhere, and well appointed seats and door trim.  Also, we liked the exterior, and certainly the new design of the LED’s in the rear.  Look for the Cadenza in showrooms in the very, very near future.

-Scott Villeneuve

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