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Land Crusing: 2023 Lexus LX600

Toyota’s Land Cruiser and its upscale Lexus LX cousin are revered in the luxury SUV world as not the mainstream choices, but the dependable, reliable and unique choices. For the US market, Toyota has dropped the Land Cruiser, and from 2022 onward the US will only get the […]

Quick Spin: 2017 Lexus LX570

If you read the press release, you’d believe that the Lexus LX570 is all new for 2017. That isn’t quite as true as Lexus would like you to believe, but we can’t fault them trying. There’s plenty new about this behemoth. Inside, there’s a new interior and outside, […]

Mammoth: 2014 Lexus LX570

The Lexus LX570 is like your grandmother’s parlor: big, leather-clad, and a bit dated. This luxury behemoth packs eight seats and eight cylinders on top of some serious 4×4 capabilities. Debuted in 2007 and refreshed in 2012, this third-generation LX570 is one of Lexus’ two remaining body-on-frame SUVs. […]