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Urus: The new face of Lamborghini?

-Scott Villeneuve

Next week, the new Lamborghini SUV will make its debut in Beijing, and yes this is BIG news.  The Chinese media seems to think the the name will be Urus, but right now, we really don’t know.

What we do know is a limited amount because Lamborghini really likes to play things close to their chest (look at the Sesto Elemento for example). seems to think that it will offer the same engine from the LP560-4 model of the Gallardo. That means you’re looking at figures north of 552hp for this monster.  Details will be much more prevalent next week and we will have a follow up to this once everyone in the automotive world hears the details.

Lamborghini's official teaser picture. Special thanks to Motor Authority for the photo

Pricing?  Well, its a Lamborghini right…so what do you think readers?  My guess is somewhere north of the $225,000 range.

The "possible" look of the new Lamborghini SUV.

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