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Recently, the team at reached out and asked us if we’d be interested in doing a review on one of their latest products.  We’ve never done a product review, so we were hesitant at first.  After hashing out the details, a brand new car cover was in the mail.

Every car person knows the feeling: you just spent all day cleaning your car and the forecast suddenly calls for rain.   If you live in a Northern climate like we do, you also have to contend with snow.  We’re both lucky to have a garage to store our cars.  Still, be it a week of rain or the cold months of winter, sometimes your clean car is stuck inside.  If you’re neat-freaks like us, you’ll want to cover your clean car when it isn’t on the road.  During the summer, this keeps pollen and dust off the car.  In the winter, it also keeps salt dust away from the paint.  After all, one day it’ll finally be nice enough to take your car out again, and you want it looking its best.

Storing your car like this,

Storing your car like this,

means that it stays looking like this.

means that it stays looking like this. sent us the all-new black satin stretch cover that they just released.  We were amazed at how easy it was to handle.  The lightweight fabric is strong but easily folds into its storage bag, unlike bulkier indoor/outdoor covers.  The semi-custom cover has a tag that denotes the front, making it easy to orient on the car.  At first, it took two people to cover the car outside because the wind kept moving the cover before we could fully stretch it over the car.  However, a single person in a garage could handle the task without any issue. 4

Once in place, the cover sits on the car perfectly.  It’s held in place by elastic trim on the the front and rear edges of the cover.  The satin material is very soft to the touch, and poses no risk to the car’s paint, provided that the car and the cover stay clean.  The natural tension in the fabric, as well as semi-custom fit also mean that it won’t flap or chafe on the car.  It will easily keep out any dust, pollen, or salt that may blow into the garage.  As this cover is rated as an indoor-only product, it’s not recommended to repel water.  The build quality of the cover is top notch.  The fabric isn’t bunched or pulled at the seams, which are all sewn tightly and evenly.  The elastic banding at the front and back is also sewn right into the edge of the cover so it won’t separate due to wear. 3

Overall, I’m very happy with the cover, though it’s a little premature to tell how it will hold up with long-term use.  I’m also unsure as to how it will react if it ever needs to be washed.  In the end, if you’re in the market for an indoor car cover, I’d highly recommend it.  The lightness of the fabric and ease of use make it very quick to put on and take off.  Hopefully the warmer weather is here to stay so I can finally take the cover off and go for the first drive of the season.  Until then, my car rests cleanly beneath its new cover.

-Scott Villeneuve

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  1. My 2014 impala cover from them fits like crap….Its so big that the elastic will not even begin to get tight..won’t buy from them again and will use this cover for a drop cloth when I paint the house..

  2. To: CarCovers.Com

    Regarding Order # 3000132602

    I purchased a car cover from you on 5/15/15.
    Shortly after my purchase I left town to work for over 2 months. My purchase arrived 2 days after I left. I returned home July 24th and never had the opportunity to try my new cover until yesterday 7/28.
    I am VERY disappointed with this cover. You advertise this is a custom made cover but I DO NOT believe that. It looks like a one size fits all and it does NOT fit my car.
    I included this information about being gone or two months because it’s been over 30 days but I want to return this cover for a full refund.
    I am attaching photos.

    Kenneth M. Friesz
    705 Elkhorn Road
    Sun City Center, Fl. 33573

    • Ken,

      Sorry to hear that. I believe that your complaint would be best served with themselves. We aren’t affiliated with them, we just reviewed the product.


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