2013 Chevrolet Spark – Small Car, Big Personality

In a world of ever growing cars and human beings, it’s refreshing when something a bit smaller shows up.  Chevrolet calls it the Spark, and it is full of personality.

Chevy Spark 3

Dubbed a city-car, the Spark is certainly all about being small.  Just as you would akin an owner to their dog, the Spark certainly describes its owner perfectly.  Not living in a city, I had a difficult time trying to figure out what exactly the Spark was good for.  After a couple days of driving I began to realize what sort of fire the Spark ignites in its owner.  The downtown dash or heavily trafficked roads were handled with ease due to the Spark’s very precise steering.  Always feeling connected to the road, I quickly found myself darting around traffic and pulling into parking spots that I could not have dreamed of getting into with a larger vehicle.  In doing so, you become attached to the scamp, and begin to realize that what you’re doing is fun, rather than driving around in a drab econo-box.

On the topic of economy, the ten gallon tank was filled twice in the Sparks stay, averaging a frugal 34mpg combined with some interesting highway miles added in.  Our car was equipped with the automatic transmission, which is not the best choice for the car.  Opt for the manual and you’ll be rewarded with another gear, and a couple more miles per gallon.  Also with the manual, you can use all the power of the 1.2L I4 engine which pumps out a relatively asthmatic 84 horsepower and 83 lb-ft of torque.  The week was fraught with perils when steep hills were in the distance, but the little Spark always came out on top.

Chevy Spark 2

The Spark’s target audience could be considered one of money-conscious buyers, city dwellers, or first time buyers themselves.  Available in seven different colors, many of them attention grabbing, the Spark does the hip-and-trendy scene very well.  Accessorizing the interior with your exterior color, Chevrolet adds character to an otherwise dull place.  Chevy MyLink, heated seats, and OnStar are all standard with our top trim level 2LT.  MyLink is an intuitive and incredibly easy system to use with it’s one touch capability and seamless USB/Auxiliary integration.

So the Spark; Chevrolet’s answer to that ever-growing segment of small cars.  As you learn in economics class, the laws of supply and demand are always present, and this market segment is evidence of that.  With competition along the lines of the Smart ForTwo, Scion iQ, and Fiat 500, the Spark needs all the help it can get to stand out.  But it’s cutesy, small-dog-big-attitude looks and engaging drive will always make you feel special.  To handle the stand-out types, just order your Spark in our Salsa Red color, or my personal favorite, Jalapeno.

-Scott Villeneuve

2013 Chevrolet Spark 2LT Automatic
Destination Charges $750
As Tested MSRP $16,720

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