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Today marks Limited Slip Blog’s 8th birthday. We wanted to take a moment to thank you, our readers. Without you, we wouldn’t still be here. Thank you.

We’re also excited to announce we’ve added a new team member to the Limited Slip Blog crew. Scott, Danielle, and I welcome long time friend, Ken Wilson! Ken’s passion and knowledge rivals our own, but his love for the American V8 is unmatched among us. Head over to our Staff Page and get to know him. He’ll be sharing his first story on Limited Slip Blog later this month. You may have spotted him hidden away in a review of the Lexus LS500. He also rode along with us on the bachelor party trip in the Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redye. His affinity for big purple vehicles is also unmatched. When we first got to know Ken, his big purple F-150 was his calling card.


We are all living through challenging times and many of us aren’t able to go out to enjoy our favorite vehicle or the open roads the way we would like. We’ll keep generating the type of content you’re here to read. We have more new vehicle reviews to come, and we’ll keep reviewing new cars until we can’t! Then we’ll go on to tell stories and cover automotive news that still maters. And when it’s all said and done, we’ll meet you at the next Cars and Coffee.

car meet

Until then, stay safe!

-The Limited Slip Blog Crew

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