Perfect Honeymoon: 2019 Lexus LS500

Sometimes it isn’t about the destination, it’s about the ride. Other times, it’s about the destination. On September 6th, 2019 I got married. Obviously this was a big deal for all involved, and we had planned extensively over the course of the previous 10 months to get everything prepared. For us, one unique planning item was considering the best vehicle to get the groomsmen to the church. We needed a classy vehicle fit such a formal affair to chauffeur our groomsmen to the church . And while my future wife wanted to drive off in our personal vehicle, we had also planned to leave the next morning on our honeymoon. So we needed that same vehicle to be roomy, comfortable, and relatively fuel efficient. Enter the Eminent White Lexus LS500.

2019 Lexus LS500 AWD 1

Readers of this website will realize that we’ve already fully reviewed a Lexus LS500 already in 2019, and on a weekend getaway no less. And for you, that might be enough to read our full review here. But for us, this was different. This was the first vacation as husband and wife. We, as car people, would always remember the vehicle that accompanied us as we made our first memories together.

IMG_20190906_135330On the day, we washed up the pearlescent white Lexus. However, as we were preparing to leave, we noticed a large stone lodged in the LS500’s prodigious grille. A quick extraction was in order to avoid literally being late to my own wedding. We also loaded up the Lexus’ trunk with a week’s worth of luggage for the honeymoon. Tomorrow, we would be heading south, stopping in Baltimore and Washington DC, before spending the rest of the week in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

The LS500 is perfect for your black-tie affair. It’s new twin-turbo V6 provides plenty of power and yet remains  fairly frugal, all things considered. Being that you’re in such a large, comfortable vehicle, it’s easy to lose of your sense of speed. The LS500 accelerates faster than you realize, and we found ourselves needed to keep track of our speed, lest we need a conference with the local law enforcement. Despite that, we still netted 25 mpg during our 1,200 mile trip.

Sure the infotainment is frustrating to use, but you actually get used to it after a few days. Yes, driving through the beltway is a chore and parking in downtown DC is a nightmare, but it would be with any car. In the LS500, we just kept the cooled seats on, the massage set to relaxing lumbar, and the satellite radio on Chill and all was right with the world. Every surface felt expensive and well crafted, as it should for an as-tested price over $100,000. We found no complaints other than those aforementioned, and would be very happy to do it all over again. It’s the perfect car for all your black-tie turned road trip weekends. All-in-all, we’ve enjoyed every mile of our time in the LS500, and that encompasses the two different vehicles and nearly 2,000 combined miles we’ve spent with them this year alone!

2019 Lexus LS500 AWD 2

We would be remiss to not thank the kind folks at Lexus and Drive Shop for setting us up with such a wonderful machine for nearly two weeks. Danielle and I are truly appreciative and we are forever humbled by the opportunities afforded to us by the great people in this industry.

-Scott Villeneuve

2019 Lexus LS500 AWD
Lexus Safety System+ $3,000
Adaptive variable air suspension $1,500
20″ split 5-spoke forged alloy wheels $2,450
24″ Heads-Up Display $1,200
LED Headlamps w/ Adaptive Front Lighting $300
Executive Package $17,080
Mark Levinson Audio System $1,940
Panorama Glass Roof $1,000
Panoramic View Monitor $800
Premium Wood Trim $800
Heated Wood and Leather-trimmed Steering Wheel $410
Destination Charges $1,025
As Tested MSRP $109,925

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