Recap: 2020 Toyota C-HR

Small size and high style are the cornerstones upon which the Toyota C-HR is built. We’ve tested it before, most recently last year, where the big news was the newly added Apple CarPlay. This year, the updates continue with a new front fascia and LED lighting. Some new wheel options also help freshen the C-HR’s curb appeal. Android Auto and SiriusXM radio are also available across all trims.

2020 Toyota C-HR 1

On the opposite side of the coin, Toyota hasn’t touched the drive-train at all. Unfortunately, that means the C-HR is still incredibly slow and the CVT is incredibly uninteresting. The chassis remains very buttoned down, however. It is too bad that Toyota didn’t give the C-HR a little more power to go along with the lively chassis. The suspension is compliant and the steering is well weighted, thought it does lack feel. The C-HR is a momentum car, and should be driven as such.

2020 Toyota C-HR 5

Inside the cabin, the C-HR is well appointed. Our Limited trim had supportive leather bucket seats and an excellent driving position for my 6′ frame. The rear seats are devoid of legroom if you had to sit behind my seat, but anyone 5’8″ or smaller can manage a passenger behind them. The biggest issue with the rear seats, however, is the feeling of claustrophobia from the letterbox sized windows and large D pillar. For the driver, that also requires serious checking of the mirrors and utilizing the blind spot monitors for lane changing or even simply backing up.

2020 Toyota C-HR 6

The front-drive C-HR is a great first car for someone, or first car that you’re buying yourself. It’s well priced, has the excellent Toyota Care for your first couple years of ownership, as well as a safety tech and feature laden cabin. We’d probably opt for the middle-of-the-road XLE trim for just under $25,000. Either way, you get a great car, and maybe some budget left over for a much needed supercharger.

-Scott Villeneuve

2020 Toyota C-HR Limited
Audio Plus $465
Two-Tone Paint $500
Destination Charges $1,120
As Tested MSRP $28,435

Shine Bright: 2017 Toyota C-HR

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