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New Kid on the Block: Kia Cadenza

Over the last few years, Kia has been trying to transform their image and the introduction of the 2014 Cadenza is a huge leap in the right direction.  From the outside looking in, there is nothing not to like about the Cadenza.  The Smokey Blue exterior, front LED positioning lights, LED tail lights and its smooth rounded lines make for a winning combination.  And its elegance only carries over into the interior.

Kia Cadenza 15

The Cadenza has that indulgent feel you expect—everything you touch is soft and the ride was exceptionally quiet, which made talking to passengers in the back seat rather effortless.  Every person who got into the car raved about the white Nappa leather seat trim.  They were not only comfortable but made for a classic contrast with the black interior carpets.  The easy exit driver’s seat is not only great for tall people but short individuals, like myself as well.  However, I was disappointed in the passenger seat.  The seat lacked a motor to move the seat up and down.  Being rather small, I felt as if I was in a hole.  It also lacked the air conditioning feature afforded to the driver.

Kia Cadenza 9

The drive is exactly what one would want out of a luxury sedan.  A V6 engine is most definitely one that can be kept rather “Plain Jane” or dressed up.  Kia slipped in a 3.3L V6 that pumps out 293 horsepower which makes for a pretty fun ride if you feel like putting the accelerator to the floor.  Like most front wheel drive vehicles, it is not known for handling corners exceptionally well—instead of gripping a corner, it glided.  It was reported that Kia considered an all-wheel-drive version, but chose not to pursue it.  Its an option, especially in northern climates, that would be nice to have in the future.

Kia Cadenza 13

For the sticker price of $41,900, you get a luxurious vehicle that is loaded with technology.  The car even greets you as you situate yourself in the driver’s seat. The navigation system, with its 8 inch touchscreen display, was relatively easy to operate,  but only allows you to verbally input destinations while the car is moving.  The technology package included the Advanced Smart Cruise Control, Blind Spot Detection System and Lane Departure Warning System.  If you’re someone who prefers to have some of the guess work taken out of driving, this car will not let you down.  All the technology components were crossed off my list.  The number of double takes I got while driving the Cadenza only goes to show that Kia is in the process of breaking new ground and emerging into a whole new market.
-Danielle Assenheimer

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2014 Kia Cadenza $35,100
Technology Package $3,000
Luxury Package $3,000
White Interior Package N/C
Destination Charges $800
As Tested MSRP $41,900

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