Gold Coast Concours 2013

Each year, we attend the Gold Coast Concours/Bimmerstock.  Some readers might remember that we brought the Mini Cooper S Roadster to the show last year.  This year, we brought a pair of BMW 3 Series to the show. It’s really two car shows in one; large enough to fill the entire business district of Glen Cove, NY.  Once a year, the sleepy town closes its streets and fills up with all manner of exotic cars and BMWs in order to raise money for the Diabetes Research institute.  This year, it was the largest attendance of cars and spectators we’ve ever seen.  Over 600 cars and thousands of spectators came out on a perfect summer day to raise money for a good cause.  When the streets finally re-opened, this single event had raised over $80,000 for the DRI.   Scroll through for some of the more exotic highlights of the day.

This is a promising start.

One wasn't enough

This Aventador famously split in half only days after the show

More mid-engine goodness

Everyone's favorite turbo V6

Everyone's favorite turbo V10?

The British are coming!

We have a quorum


More of the British contingent

Please do not touch the Lambos

El Solo Toro

The photographer got carried away with the Lamborghinis

An Audi R8 wearing Gulf livery

And a matching Morgan 3 Wheeler

Bimmerstock 2013 15

Limited Slip Blog on the way home from the show

Limited Slip Blog’s contribution to the show

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-Christopher Little

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