Danielle Villeneuve

Sport Truck: 2014 Ford F-150 Tremor

Ready for a truck with serious capability and a street presence? The 2014 Ford F-150 Tremor delivers on both claims. Truck owners are one of the most brand loyal consumers out there, making the Ford’s job quite challenging. But Ford buyers don’t often stray to competitors, making the F-150 America’s best-selling truck. The Tremor is the latest, and probably one of the last, special edition F-150s of this generation. Ford hasn’t gone as far as they did with the Raptor, but the Tremor is a unique truck. With its bold look with black accents, it had everyone’s attention.

Ford F150 Tremor 9

The Tremor begins life as a regular cab FX2 (4×2) or FX4 (4×4) equipped with the 3.5L EcoBoost V6. Adding on to the FX Appearance Package, the Tremor Package adds HID headlamps, adjustable pedals, SYNC with MyFordTouch, and unique badges. Mechanically, the Tremor differentiates itself with a 4.10 electronic locking rear axle. The higher axle ratio means better acceleration. Our tester, the FX2, sits on lower suspension than the FX4. As impractical as a rear-wheel-drive truck is in the Northeast, the Tremor can lock its rear wheels together for added traction. We tested that feature pulling a jet ski up a gravel boat launch, and found it worked superbly.

Ford F150 Tremor 1

The Tremor is a definite head turner. The Ruby Red Metallic is not only a perfect color for the truck, but one of the best reds we’ve seen in a long time. The red badges and black accents finish the look—from the 20” black aluminum painted wheels, black grill, black tubular running boards to the black striping on the doors and hood. There are plenty of aesthetically pleasing features, but let’s not forget it’s still a truck. Functionality is just as important. You’ll have peace of mind throwing any load into the bed of the Tremor thanks to the high quality spray-in bed liner and built-in bed extender. Shorter people, like myself, will also benefit from Ford’s tailgate step that makes getting up into the bed a breeze. It drops out of the tailgate, staying hidden when it’s not needed, adding convenience without getting in the way of the Tremor’s appeal.

Ford F150 Tremor 11

You’ll find stepping into the Tremor to be just as pleasing. Immediately, you’ll notice that Ford carried over exterior color scheme into the interior. It has black bucket seats with faux-velour centers and red piping. They fit the look of a modified street truck while offering support for the long haul. With the Tremor Plus Package, the F-150 comes equipped with navigation, rearview camera, and reverse sensing system – all helpful in navigating the big truck. For those not confident with parking larger vehicles, you’ll be worry free. As we’ve previously attested to, MyFordTouch worked as advertised but can be a little slow responding to touch commands. Voice controls are the way to go. A great option on the Tremor, especially for drivers of lesser size, are the adjustable pedals. It allows the driver a fully customizable driving experience.

Ford F150 Tremor 7

As skeptical as we may have been about the twin-turbo Ecoboost V6, it quickly won us over. The massive amount of torque that turbochargers are capable of offering, in this case, 420 lb-ft, mean a maximum towing weight of 8,000 lbs . The Tremor’s quick throttle response get it moving with little effort. Whether on a city street or cruising down the highway, the ride consistently remains comfortable. During our 7 days with the Tremor, it produced a decent 18.2 miles per gallon. Those with a lighter foot and less entertained by the sound of the turbo engaging would probably get even better fuel economy. The only disappointment with the EcoBoost was the lack of sound. There’s nothing quite like the burble of a V8—perhaps with some tuning this can be improved.

Ford F150 Tremor 2

The truck world favors hard workers and curb appeal. A world in which both form and function seem equally important, Ford seems to have nailed both. The Tremor packs some serious street cred. Although some may think this is a truck made for show and less for work, it can do both with ease. If a little more work is required, Ford offers the Tremor in a 4×4 variant as well. The Tremor lives up to its name and excites as a street truck. If you want the full off-road package, we’d check out the SVT Raptor.

-Danielle Assenheimer

2014 Ford F-150 FX2
Ruby Red Metallic Paint $395
Tremor $1,795
Tremor Plus Package $1,995
FX Appearance Package $2,480
Spray-in Bed Liner $475
Destination Charges $1,195
As Tested MSRP $42,605

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