Fine Design: 2017 Cadillac XT5

Out with the old and in with the new. We said goodbye to the Cadillac SRX and hello to the all-new XT5. The introduction of the XT5 is part of Cadillac’s continued efforts to transform their lineup, starting at the top with the CT6. Everything from the design to the nomenclature has been reinvented. There’s been a lot of care taken with this new crossover. The SRX had been Cadillac’s number one selling model for many years and it’s always tricky to mess with a good thing.

The XT5 has a cleaner and fresh design. Angle severity has been reduced, creating a better first impression. The all-new design has lightweight construction, increasing efficiency and enhancing driving performance. Its wheelbase has also been stretched an extra two inches, which in turn has added extra interior space. With four available trim levels, you’ll be able to equip the XT5 to your exact specifications. Our tester was the top-trim all-wheel-drive Platinum model, which adds 20-inch polished wheels, a unique grille and, exhaust along on top of all other amenities. The Platinum is the XT5’s singular AWD-only trim level. All other trims can be had as FWD or AWD. Interestingly, Cadillac’s twin-clutch system allows the driver to selectively disengage the rear wheels, effectively running the AWD XT5 in FWD mode for increased efficiency.

There is a real emphasis on craftsmanship in the interior of the XT5. The design language of Cadillac has focused on flowing lines, bold presence and modern elegance. The XT5 comes with the Cadillac User Interface (CUE) infotainment system. We’ve become quite familiar with the system and its quirks. However, there have been improvements. It now has a faster processor and some other interface changes to alleviate some of its faults and speed up the system. Rear passengers now have three more inches of legroom and two USB ports for added convenience.

Cadillac has also put the new 3.6-liter V6 engine from the CT6 in the new XT5. It provides 310 hp and 271 lb-ft of torque. It features Active Fuel Management cylinder deactivation technology which automatically switches to 4-cylinder mode under specific conditions. As with most vehicles on the market, it too comes with the increasingly annoying stop-start system but it’s one of the better ones. The new 8-speed transmission also features the Electronic Precision Shift which is the first electronically controlled transmission shifter for a Cadillac. The overall feel of the XT5 behind the wheel is very good. The V6 delivers plenty of power and does so quietly. Ride quality is much better than expected given the 20-inch wheels.

A lot of positive change for Cadillac has resulted from the debut of the all new XT5. It’s now a serious contender in the luxury crossover market. Its fresh design and technology has made the brand more appealing to those who may have not considered Cadillac in the past.

-Danielle Assenheimer

2017 Cadillac XT5 Platinum AWD
Driver Assist Package $2,340
Trailering Equipment $575
Tire, Compact Space $350
Destination Charges $995
As Tested MSRP $67,155

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