Quick Spin: 2019 Infiniti Q60 Red Sport 400

In 2017, we called the Infiniti Q60 coupe the most gorgeous two door, four seat car under $100,000 on the market. Two years on, and that summary hasn’t changed. And while we praised the comfort of the 300 horsepower luxury coupe, we knew it was missing a potential 100 horsepower. The time has finally come for some seat time in the 2019 Infiniti Q60 the Red Sport 400 AWD.

2019 Infiniti Q60 8

We loved our week with the 2016 Q50 Red Sport sedan, but we lamented the Direct Adaptive Steering. Thankfully, our Q60 tester arrived without the option fitted, which would give us a change to experience an Infiniti with a physical steering rack. Within minutes behind the wheel, however,  we were let down to find that it wasn’t much better. Steering was light, vague, and lifeless. Turning the drive mode to Sport added a bit of weight, but it inspired no confidence in the front end of the car when trying to push the pace on our favorite back roads. Despite that letdown, the chassis is well sorted and the suspension is compliant in all drive modes.

2019 Infiniti Q60 2

The engine is an absolute powerhouse, and the AWD system allows all the power to be put down. Beyond the engine, another bright spot in our test was Infiniti’s new Axle-Back Exhaust kit. The optional system sounded sensational and livened up the driving experience immensely compared to the muted standard setup.

Inside, nothing has changed since our last drive; no digital dials in the instrument cluster and a fairly quirky and outdated infotainment system is also present. Dual touchscreens are now all the rage in some other luxury brands, but this system is in dire need of an upgrade across the entire Infiniti range. We were delighted to find ourselves back in the Q60’s very comfortable and supportive seats, though the cramped back seat makes a better storage area than people carrier. To top it off, the Bose sound system makes other standard sound systems feel downright budget.

2019 Infiniti Q60 5

Beyond Infiniti’s range-topping coupe, what is the Q60 Red Sport? Despite the flashy name and 400hp billing, we wouldn’t want you to walk away thinking it was a sports car. No, when it looks the part, sounds the part, and goes the part, but you arrive comfortable and relaxed, you’ve found yourself an excellent grand touring vehicle. The 2019 Infiniti Q60 Red Sport 400 combines achingly good looks and compliant ride to a great long distance cruiser.

-Scott Villeneuve

2019 Infiniti Q60 Red Sport 400 AWD
Dynamic Sunstone Red $800
Proassist Package $2,250
Carbon Fiber Package $2,280
Sport Exhaust Kit $698
Destination Charges $995
As Tested MSRP $64,023

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