Quick Spin: 2022 Infiniti QX80

It doesn’t happen often, but now and again in the decade-long history of Limited Slip Blog, we drive a model for the second time and find that very little has changed. Other than a slight nip-and-tuck in the front and rear, this Infiniti QX80 is essentially identical in almost every aspect from the version we drove back in 2015. We decided to pack the Infiniti up and take it on a weekend getaway to Rhode Island to see if the QX80 has aged gracefully.

We’ve driven nearly everything in this full-size luxury segment and every other model has been updated other than this QX80, so the trip was a nice way to turn back the clock to 2015. Sure, the exterior features looks a little different, but the silhouette remains the same. The seats, leather, interior design and engine are all the same too. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

So what has changed? The big update for 2022 is a new 12.3″ infotainment screen. This dash-topping touchscreen is a welcome change compared to the awful dual-screen setup it replaces. A few other changes to the center stack and a wireless charging pad round out the interior differences. Back to that screen for a minute; its a big improvement…when it works. We had an interesting hiccup where the screen didn’t turn on one morning and remained off for the entire 20 minute ride to breakfast. After parking and turning the car off and back on again, it sprang back to life. All this being said, the new system has Apple Carplay and Android Auto, and is intuitive to use. A welcome upgrade that, if I was shopping for one, would be a must-have.

One thing that did feel familiar on our top-of-the-line QX80 Sensory was the overall feeling of luxury and high quality materials. The 5.6L V8 isn’t fuel efficient or all that quick for that matter, but it moves the big SUV very smoothly. The ride is excellent, even for a body-on-frame SUV, and the 7-speed auto shifts without any intrusion. The unobtrusive powertrain and supremely comfort ride make this the last of the old-school luxury giants. There’s an air of last-gen Land Cruiser in the QX80. That is high praise. Despite the high cost of fuel, there will always be a need for these large, luxurious family movers. The QX80 may not be the most luxurious, most engaging to drive, or the best looking…but it will be around for a long time, and that’s the value.

-Scott Villeneuve

2022 Infiniti QX80 Sensory 4WD$84,850
Illuminated Kick Plates$485
Illuminated Cargo Scuff Plate$390
Roof Rail Cross Bars$410
Exterior Welcome Lighting$455
Destination Charges$1,395
As-Tested MSRP$87,985

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